Beer Sales Of The Week

Landshark- Light, easy drinking Pale Lager. Think,
“American Corona.”
24 Pack Bottles – $23.99

DAB- Straw colored, pale golden lager, exported from Germany. One of the best bang-for-your-buck beers around.
24 Pack Bottles – $21.99

Yuengling Bock- Seasonal dark amber lager. Yuengling
quality guaranteed.
24 Pack Bottles – $25.47

Labatt Blue- The world’s best selling Canadian beer, Ay. It’s
impossible not to like this beer. Seriously, Ay.
28 Pack Bottles – $19.99

Lionshead- Easy drinking Pilsner, made right here in good old Pennsylvania. (Plus the puzzles under the cap are great!)
24 Pack Bottles – $13.99

Genesee- Possibly the best 30 pack for under $15.
30 Pack Cans – $12.99

Third Shift- New, tasty amber lager. Similar to Dos Equis
Amber, minus the ‘imported’ price tag.
24 Pack Bottles – $23.99

Wolters- Imported German Pilsner. Would the German’s
make a bad beer? No, no they would not.
24 Pack Bottles – $20.99

*These varieties of Shock Top are now only $19.99!
Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat Bottles
End Of The World Midnight Wheat Bottles
Wheat IPA Bottles
Lemon Shandy Cans

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