Beer Sales Of The Week

       The German beers, that is…
The Kennett Beverage German Beer Sale is going on now. Stop in and get some top shelf beer at bottom dollar prices.

Beck’s– The world’s best selling German beer can call itself that for a reason. If you don’t like Beck’s, there might be something wrong with you.
24 Pack 16oz Cans – $22.99

Warsteiner– Light, flavorful German Pilsner. Available in Premium (Pilsner) and Dunkel (Dark) varieties. Haven’t fallen in love with German beer yet? Well, times a wastin’!
24 Pack Bottles – $25.99

Wolters– Imported German Pilsner. Would the German’s
make a bad beer? No, no they would not.
24 Pack Bottles – $20.99

DAB– Straw colored, pale golden lager, exported from Germany. One of the best bang-for-your-buck beers around.
24 Pack Bottles – $21.99

Bass Pub Kit– This is a fun idea for a case of beer. It contains 12 Bass Stouts and 12 Bass Pale Ales, the idea being that you can pour your own Black and Tans at home. Fun, right?
24 Pack Bottles – $19.99

Landshark– Light, easy drinking Pale Lager. Think,
“American Corona.”
24 Pack Bottles – $23.99

Labatt Blue– The world’s best selling Canadian beer, Ay. It’s
impossible not to like this beer. Seriously, Ay.
28 Pack Bottles – $19.99

Genesee– Possibly the best 30 pack for under $15.
30 Pack Cans – $12.99

*These varieties of Shock Top are now only $19.99!
Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat Bottles
End Of The World Midnight Wheat Bottles

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