Guinness and Belgian Variety Packs

Variety of Beers

If variety is the spice of life, then a variety of beers must surely be the DRINK OF LIFE! For a limited time we are offering specials on two tasty variety packs chock full of a range of flavors to help you mix it up a little.

GUINNESS “IRISH BEER” VARIETY- This case contains 6 each of Smithwick’s Pale Ale, Smithwick’s Irish Ale, Guinness Black Lager, and Guinness Draught. The package is a great way to tour the flavors of Ireland without having to break your weekly budget.
**24 Pack of 14.9oz Cans – $41.99

BEST OF BELGIUM VARIETY- It’s no secret that Belgium is widely regarded as the ‘Beer Capital of The World.’ This package includes 12 Stella Artois, 6 Leffe Blonde, and 6 Hoegarden, the three best selling Belgian beers. All three are light and crisp in flavor, making them perfect for hot, summer weather.
**24 Pack of 11.2oz Bottles – $31.99

Check out either package and add a little SPICE to your life!

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