It’s A Christmas Miracle!

Santa Beer Cozy

Good news folks: Santa Claus must’a came early this year! And he  dropped off 3 NEW BEERS for your holiday enjoyment! So without further ado, the new brews are…

Yuengling Lager Light 16oz Cans- Yuengling Lager quality, Yuengling Lager taste, Yuengling Lager price. The only thing they forgot are the calories.

Dogfish Head Piercing Pilsner- Huh, a Dogfish Head seasonal beer? A Dogfish Head Pilsner? What? No, it’s not an alternate reality you’ve slipped into, it’s Piercing Pilsner!

Ithaca Cascazilla- Loaded with TONS of pungent, floral American hops, this Red IPA from Ithaca Brewing Co. will leave you hop-heads with tears in your eyes. Kleenex not included.

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