Attack Of The Fruit!



Feelin’ a little fruity? We got ya covered! This week we’ve added a handful of new fruity-flavored beverages that’ll make your taste buds stand up and dance the mambo!

Bud Light Mango-Rita and Raz-A-Rita – Finally! Bud Light is adding two new flavors to their “Margarita” series: Mango and Raspberry. These flavors still pack the 8% ABV punch that their predecessors boasted and are juuuust perfect for the warm Spring weather!

New Mike’s Flavors – Mike’s Harder Lemonade, Harder Black Cherry, and Hard Smashed Apple have been available and selling well for some time now. So well, in fact, that Mike’s has started offering them in small, hand-sized 8oz cans. While most Mike’s products are 5% ABV – similar to most beers – the “harder” flavors are a whopping 8% ABV. Consider yourself warned!

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