New Magic Hat Products

Magic Hat Logo

TIS THE SEASON! The season for Spring seasonal beers, that is! Magic Hat has just released a pair of beers that- much like the snow and cold temps- won’t be here long!

Magic Hat Dream Machine – This beer is an IPL, which stands for India Pale Lager. As the name implies, this is a hybrid-style brew. It starts with the hoppy IPA bite and bitterness and finishes with a smooth, amber lager flavor. A fine choice for hop-heads looking to tone down the KAPOW! a little. (just for a while…)
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $35.38

Magic Hat Pistil – This beer not only tastes like Spring, it’s actually made from Spring! Well, OK. Spring is intangible. Ya can’t, ya know, bottle it. But this beer IS made from dandelions. AND it tastes of earthy malts, piney hops and flowers. Ya see what we meant by, “made from Spring?”
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $35.38

Check Out Magic Hat Brewing Co. On BeerAdvocate.Com!

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