Newly Added Summer Seasonals

Summer Beer

In the beer world, Summer comes early. Sure it might only be the first week of April. Sure it might drop down into the 40s at night. BUT! If you throw on some shorts, slide one of these bad boys into your hand and light up the ole barby, well, then it may as well be July 4th weekend!

YUENGLING SUMMER WHEAT – A brand spankin’ new Summer seasonal brew from PAs favorite brewhouse. This is a traditional German hefeweizen, which means it’s packed with wheat and yeast and is served unfiltered, giving it a cloudy appearance.
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $26.99

SARANAC WILD HOP PILSNER – This beer is an American Pale Lager, which means it’s a bit of a hybrid brew. It has the smooth drinkability of a pilsner with the added hope bite common to a pale ale.
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $33.99

TROEGS SUNSHINE PILSNER – This is a great Summer beer for drinkers who don’t just like to pile wheat and fruit into a beer and call it “Summery.” Stylistically, Troegs Sunshine is a German pilsner, like St. Pauli Girl, Beck’s, or Victory Prima Pils. With company like that, how can you go wrong?
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $37.99

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