A Handful of New Microbrews!

FOUNDERS CENTENNIAL IPA CANS – Centennial IPA is a tasty American IPA brewed with lots of West Coast hops. The flavor begins with a wave of toasted malts and finishes with pine and citrus notes that you’d expect from an American IPA.
**24 Pack of 12oz Cans – $36.99

FOUNDERS ALL DAY IPA CANS – All Day IPA gets its name from the fact that it is a “session ale.” This means it is brewed with the intent of making a smoother, more drinkable ale. One that you could, say, drink alllll dayyyy loooong!
**24 Pack of 12oz Cans – $36.99

RIVERTOWNE HALA KAHIKI – If the name has you thinking tropical, you nailed it! This is a crisp ale flavored with pineapple. The addition of pineapple adds a sweet and lightly tart edge to this beer, making it absolutely perfect for summertime drinking.
**24 Pack of 12oz Cans – $34.99

THOMAS HOOKER WATERMELON ALE – Watermelon beer seems to be the hottest up-and-coming flavor this summer, and Hooker Watermelon Ale is a great example as to why. This brew adds all the pleasures of a smooth, summery ale with the sweetness of watermelon. You know you want to try it!
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $38.99

SCHNEIDER WEISS UNSER AVENTINUS – I’m not gonna mince words on this one: this is my favorite beer in the entire store! Aventinus is a German wheat double bock. This means it is dark, strong, well-balanced and packed with enough high quality German wheat to choke a horse. Friends, Aventinus is divine.
**20 Pack of 16.9oz Bottles – $79.99

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