New Beers!

Sherlock Beer
This week, we’ve added so many new beers that we had to limit each description below to 5 words. Thaaaat’s right: 8 new beers in only 40 words! GO!

BROOKLYN 1/2 ALE – European style saison, American price. $36.99
BOULEVARD POP-UP IPA – 4.3% floral American session IPA. $40.99
CAPTAIN LAWRENCE LIQUID GOLD – Smooth, non-bitter Belgian Pale Ale. $36.99
** SARANAC LONG JOHN LAGER – Rich, dark German style lager. $33.99
SARANAC CARAMEL PORTER – Porter with boatloads of caramel. $33.99
SMIRNOFF STRAWBERRY BELLINI – Strawberry + Peach + Alcohol. Yum! $32.55
** WOODCHUCK WINTER CHILL – Hard cider + vanilla and oak. $37.99
** YARDS LOVE STOUT – Malty, creamy English style stout. $35.99

** – Seasonal brew, only available for a few weeks.

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