Hooray For New Products!

SEAGRAM’S VARIETY CANS – A tasty, fruity selection from Seagram’s, this time in a pool-safe can! Perfect for the beach too. $25.99 per case, $14.49 per 12 pack

GUINNESS BLACK AND BLONDE – A mixed package of Guinness Draught and Guinness Blonde bottles. Perfect for pouring your own Black and Tans OR enjoying separately. $36.99 per case, $19.99 per 12 pack

LEINENKUGEL GRAPEFRUIT SHANDY – So you like Summer Shandy, ay? Well give this bad boy a try! New from our friends from Wisconsin, this is a refreshing shandy made with- you guessed it- grapefruit! Get some before it’s gone, as this brew will only be available for a few weeks. $35.99 per case

OSKAR BLUES MAMMA’S LITTLE YELLA PILS – A smooth, light Czech style pils from the top shelf beer makers at Oskar Blues. This package offers an easy drinking alternative to the oft-over-hopped competition. Golden in color, crisp, abrupt finish. Great for warm weather drinking. $38.99 per case


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